As of today, the final build (that we use for the presentation) is better than we had originally planned. Not only did we implement the win screen (attached below), we added the death screen when you die. The win screen has a character (one of King Neptune’s bodyguards) explaining to you that you win. In further progress of the development in the game this will then prompt to the next level that is a mini boss fighting the bodyguard. With plenty more RPG elements such as dialogue and choosing your side.

We wanted this to also have the feel of a Dark Souls or Cuphead difficulty, and as a result, the game is very hard. Danny has been the only one to complete the course and get to the end. For footage on the presentation and to make sure the win screen works, we disabled the obstacles for a video just to show the features of winning the level.

All in all, we’d consider our progress so far a success. We have reached a playable build where you can win, die, and start over. We have finished up all the steps in the design process on the rubric, we have the 1″ binder with all of them in it, and have made a quick power-point complete with design steps, game play, and info about our game. We worked well as a team, knew our roles and stuck to them.

It is interesting to see where this game would go in the future.


^ This is what comes up when you win. Next would be dialogue and text where you would talk with the bodyguard before you proceed to the boss fight.



Today we were able to accomplish a lot for the game. We not only added the ‘Under Da Sea’ background, but also many in game screen items. Such as score, win screen, die screen, and C5A to bottom right. Below this post you can see the images Truman made for the Score, Win Screen, and Die Screen. Ethan and Danny added a lot of UI elements such as the score ticking and working according to progress, and the egg stop moving when game ending (dying) and winning. One we finish up some things in tomorrows class, the Alpha should pretty much be done and ready to present to the class. The early alpha presentation with video and future game concepts.



Today we furthered testing and working on the early alpha of the game. The egg can now roll efficiently and the camera will stop as the egg continues if it hit an obstruction. We are still implementing the menu screen and other buttons to work on the game. We changed the background color and sky color to pop more and bring more spice to the once dark and lifeless atmosphere of the game. As of right now, the game is in a pretty good alpha state to where it could be ready to present and be graded. However, there is still a lot we can do to make it much better. That being said, it’s still in an early alpha so it’s to be expected that there are some flaws.



So far, Ethan and Danny have begun the early development of the game, we are getting the egg to roll down the track and set up menu screens. Truman has made logos for the main menu including: The C5A logo, the “The Game” logo, and the “Start Game” button. We have made a folder where we are storing images and other similar assets to later be used in the game as buttons, objects, titles, and characters/RPG devices.

Below are the images Truman made today:



  1. What kind game will the team design?

An RPG rogue-like runner game.

  1. Identify the genre of game


  1. What is the concept of the game?

You are the C5A egg trying to run away from the darkness bog. In a dark realm you must get away while RPG elements guide you to the end of the game.

  1. What will the visual concept look like?

Somewhat cartoony but also realistic.

  1. What assets will need to be included?

A road, obstacles, the C5A egg, darkness bog.

  1. How many levels will be included?

It is more like one really long level that is rogue-like. you have a long way to get to the end but you can save in the level and such. Lots of RPG elements along the route and there will be save points along the way (checkpoints) where there will be more story explained and upgrades to get.